Full engagement for quality & safety

Our belief is that a well-trained and motivated crew, combined with optimized vessels, is the key to success in ensuring safe transportation.

Safety and environmental protection 

The aim of our safety management is to prevent human injury or loss of life, protect the environment and property, and meet our customers’ expectations of high-quality transportation. Rederi AB Donsötank’s safety and environmental protection policy and SMS are applicable to the entire organization, both ashore and on board.

Our long-term goal is to achieve:
• Zero personal injuries
• Zero accidents
• Zero spills and minimal impact on the environment from our vessels
• Zero tolerance for technical breakdowns caused by inferior maintenance procedures.


Investing in High-Quality Equipment and Innovation for Safe and Sustainable Transportation

We believe that by investing in high-quality equipment and being receptive to new ideas and approaches, we can achieve our goal of providing our customers with safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation solutions. 


Prioritizing Our Crew for Safe and Effective Operations

Our crew is at the heart of our operations, and we prioritize their training, motivation, and well-being to ensure safe and effective performance. Visible leadership from managers in all areas, from safety to maintenance, supports our crew in fostering constructive relations between ship and shore. We believe that this approach, combined with frequent ship visits conducted by top-level management, allows us to implement established procedures to the highest standards. 

Quality, Safety & Environment policy

In our policy you can read more about objectives, strategies and responsibility when it comes to our work with quality, safety and environment.