Working onboard a Donsötank vessel

-Do you want to be a part of a modern shipping company with its sights sets on safety, high quality and the future?

We are always on the look out for new talents

Our goal is to have a mix of new and experienced talents who wants to work with us during the long term. We know that it is of high priority to have a consistency onboard the vessels since it improves the operation and maintenance of the vessel.

Dear employee

We are building vessels with the highest standards regarding onboard environment. You will have access to a well-equipped gym, a sauna and common room. Apart from that we always encourage the crew to arrange activities onboard to straighten the collaboration and making the time spend onboard as good as possible.

Why should you work with us

The answer to this might be that we are a small company with a short way to big decisions, you as an employee in Donsötank can affect the daily and long term development in direct contact with the owners.

We also care about our employees and see the people onboard as the most important tool in our business.

Living onboard

When you are a seaferer you both work and live onboard a vessel for several weeks in a row. This means that you also spend your free time onboard. For us making the common rooms as well as the cabins welcoming and pleasent to stay in is of high value. 

Send job application

Our seafarers are the company’s representatives at sea, and we are continuously looking for new colleagues to join the fleet. Feel free to submit and register your interest for employment via the job application form below.