We focus on the future

With a strong belief that energy efficiency is the key for survival in the long term, we want our fleet to continuously focus on lowering their environmental impact.

Better vessels and better fuels

We do not only focus on optimizing the next generation of vessels, we also put focus on improving the fleet that we have today. Looking at alternative fuels that works on our conventional fleet in order to lower the Co2 emissions as well as changing technology onboard to improve energy efficiency. 

Energy efficiency

On our two new buildings energy efficiency was the main focus when we developed them. Looking at different new technologies that would help us attain a low EEDI value as a confirmation of our hard work.

Prospero and Pacifico are filled with state of the art technology such as DC-Link, Batteries, waste heat converters etc. All in order to be in the top of tanker vessels on the market.


On Prospero and Pacifico we have installed battery pack to achieve several differnet advantages.

  • Boost propulsion
  • Always power to system to ensure safe operation
  • Alternative to running Auxiliary engine in narrow passages
  • Peak shaving


Alternative fuels

For our conventional vessels, the focus has been on looking at alternative fuels that works onboard without retrofitting’s. In the summer of 2022 we introduced a 100% FAME based bio fuel on Excello and during the fall both Evinco and Solero started to run on this fuel as well. Now the vessels are alternating using MGO and biofuels.

Fleet Analytics & FuelOpt

All of our vessels are connected to the online performance and reporting program Fleet Analytics. There are flowmeters and other monitoring devices onboard the vessels constantly recording the usage of fuel for different purposes as well as monitoring the kW usage. This tool allows us to keep track of the vessels energy usage and improve our operations.

Quality, Safety & Environment policy

In our policy you can read more about objectives, strategies and responsibility when it comes to our work with quality, safety and environment.